Alfred Herman "Bud" Schurman

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Alfred Herman Schurman, known as Bud Schurman, was born May 16, 1918 in Seneca, Kansas. His parents were John Barney and Rose Catherine (Roeder) Schurman.
Bud grew up in Seneca, Kansas, raised in the Catholic Religion. He was in the army during WWII. He met Virgil Scott and became good friends with Virgil. When visiting the home of Virgils family, he met Grace Scott, Virgil's sister. Grace and Bud were married May 16, 1945 in the ?? church in Green River Wyoming. They resided at Rock Springs, Wy.
Bud was a milkman for Cream'O'Weber Dairy for several years. He got the opportunity to buy the Capital Bar in Rock Springs, and took the option.
Bud enjoyed having a drink with his patrons, which was a fatal mistake. Bud had ulcers. The drink caused his ulcers to rupture and bleed. He was admitted to the Sweetwater County Hospital with internal bleeding in March of 1961. Bud had a rare blood type, and the hospital did not have enough of his blood type on hand. Although the state police made a trip to Rawlins Wyoming to obtain more of his blood type for transfusion, it was either too late or too little. Bud died March 24, 1961 from loss of blood due to internal bleeding from the ulcers.
Bud's children remember gathering on his bed each Sunday night with a large bowl of popcorn and a platter of chicken, and watching the television show "Bonanza".
Can you imagine the mess that must have caused in the bed? 6 children, popcorn, and greasy chicken, on a bed?

Family Tree:

John Barney Schurman b. February 24, 1875 Whitebreast Township, Warren Co. Iowa d. September 28, 1961 Seneca, Kansas buried ??
Rose Catherine Roeder b. January 30, 1879 Whitebreast Township, Warren Co. Iowa D. March 23, 1958 Seneca, Kansas buried ??
married: April 23, 1901 Rosemount, Warren County,Iowa recorded ??

Children of John and Rose:
Mary Apolonia Schurman b. May 12, 1903
Martha Clara Schurman b. October 27, 1905
Josephine Bertha Schurman b. December 12, 1909
Lawrence Jacob Schurman b. March 02, 1912
Sylvester "Ves" Andrew Schurman b. December 01, 1913
Agnes Veronica Schurman b. January 08, 1916
Alfred "Bud" Herman Schurman* b. May 16, 1918
Helen Frances Schurman b. January 16, 1920
Ethel Frances Schurman b. July 03, 1924

Alfred "Bud" Herman Schurman b. May 16, 1918 Seneca, Kansas d. March 24, 1961 Rock Springs, Wy buried Rock Springs, Wy
Grace Scott b. November 24, 1922 Blairtown, Wy.
married: May 16, 1945 Green River, Wy.

Children of Bud and Grace:
Donna Rose Schurman Married Ronald Fleming
Bonnie Lee Schurman Married Kenneth Hanks
John Raymond Schurman Married Gloria McIntosh
Betty Jean Schurman Married John Newman
Gail Ann Schurman Married Joseph Fortuna
Gladys Fae Schurman Married William Lewis Arnett

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