Christian Schurmann Family Circa 1894

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Names as appeared with picture as I recieved it-

(standing) Mary Carolyn, John Barney, Anna
(seated) Mary Amelia, Frank, Christian Henry, Veronica, Apollonia
Four other children, Joseph, Sylvester, George, and Albert died in infancy.

However, I feel that there may have been a couple of minor errors in that labeling. In 1894, Frank would have been 3 years old, and an older brother, Henry, who is not named as appearing here, would have been 9 years of age. Mary Carolyn would have been 24 (married 4 years, and with child with Anna Francis Walk, born in November of that year) , John Barney 19, Anna 17, Mary Amelia 14, and Veronica would have been 11.
Also, if the photo was taken after Janury 13 of the year 1894, there would have also been an infant at the time, Rose Catherine.
Therefore, I feel the photo must have been taken most likely before Mary Carolyn got married in April in the year 1890, and the ages of the children would be: Mary Carolyn 20, John Barney 15, Anna 13, Mary Amelia 10, Veronica 7, and Henry 4
Children Frank, Rose Catherine, and Clara Pauline all to be born after that time.

I give you both alternatives here and leave it to you to decide for yourself.

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