Fannie and Ola

Fannie McKinney (nee Mackey) and Ola Scott (nee Robinson later Evans) get together for almost their last time. Grace and Skinny Field, Ola's daughter and son-in-law, drove Ola from her home in Rock Springs, Wyoming in the late 1960's to visit her sister Fannie in Indianola, Nebraska.

Seperated as youngsters, the two never met again until Ola was 21 years old and had been married about 3 years. Ola's reunion with her mother, Emma Bridgford, was later than that.
Fannie has been reported as a fun person, and a great tease. My mother likes to tell the story of a visit Fannie made to Ola and Raymond's house once. A few minutes before it was time for her to leave, Fannie excused herself, and dissappeared for about 15 minutes. Later that night, when Raymond was putting on his pajamas, the whole household heard the roar,(mixed with laughter) "That Darned Fannie!".
When she had disappeared, she had taken the opportunity to sew his pajama legs shut at the bottom, so that he could not get his feet through!

Emma Bridgford's Timeline

When Ola was somewhere around the age of 3 1/2 to 5 years old, her father took her to a friends house, and later adopted her to John and Rachael Evans. Her baby brother Judd was taken to one of Sanfords adult daughters from a previous marriage who lived in Iowa to be raised. Emma had been very, very sick, and could not fight for her children. She subsequently divorced Sanford, but was not reunited with her children for nearly 20 years.
Sanford would have been about 63-65 years of age at the time he adopted his children out to other families. It has been stated that he had turned fairly mean and cantankerous during the preceding couple of years.

When John and Rachael Evans had both passed away, an adoption letter written by Sanford D. Robinson was given to Ola (the letter has subsequently been burned by fire) which stated, among other things, something like:

"Do give you, John Evans, my daughter Ola Robinson, to love, cherish, and nurture as your own child for the rest of her natural life."
(note: information about adoption letter given by Grace Field, daughter of Ola)

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