John Raymond Schurman

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John Raymond Schurman was born February 03, 1948 in Rock Springs, Wyo. The only boy in a family of 6 children.
Johnny took great delight in tormenting his sisters as they grew up. But he was always the first to come to their defense if anyone else tried it.
We remember a car John bought while in high school to "fix-up". An old yellow station wagon. The first thing he did to it was take a cutting torch and cut the roof off. Said he wanted a convertible. He then got in and drove the car in reverse all the way to town.
John was the type that always took everything apart to see why it used to work. Occasionnally, after he was older, when he would put them back together, they would work again.
During his life, John worked for J. Warden Opie at the Rogan Mortuary. I remember him trying to lock me in a casket when I was in about 3rd grade. It terrified me, and made him roar with laughter.
He was a whiz at fixing cars, and worked for the White Eagle Motor for several years.
It was during this period in his life he married Gloria McIntosh, the one love of his life. After he got married, he went to work for Jenkins Music Company, where he aquired the nick-name "The CandyMan", for filling candy dispensing machines around town.
His final place of employment was the Champlain Oil Company, where he was overcome with toxic gas while out in the field doing checks.

Family Tree:

Alfred "Bud" Herman Schurman b. May 16, 1918 Seneca, Kansas d. March 24, 1961 Rock Springs, Wy buried Rock Springs, Wy
Grace Scott b. November 24, 1922 Blairtown, Wy.
married: May 16, 1945 Green River, Wy.

Children of Bud and Grace:
Donna Rose Schurman Married Ronald Fleming
Bonnie Lee Schurman Married Kenneth Hanks
John Raymond Schurman Married Gloria McIntosh
Betty Jean Schurman Married John Newman
Gail Ann Schurman Married Joseph Fortuna
Gladys Fae Schurman Married William Lewis Arnett

John Raymond Schurman b. February 03, 1948 Rock Springs, Wy d. February 12, 1982 Rock Springs, Wy buried Rock Springs, Wy
Gloria McIntosh
married: July 02, 1969 Rock Springs, Wy.

Children of John and Gloria:
Michael John Schurman
Paul Schurman
Tammy Schurman

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